About Us

UKIM has been instrumental in opening the doors to people of all beliefs and of none, with the sole aim of removing misconceptions, misunderstandings and to build bridges for past six decades. UnityIftaar is one of a number of projects throughout the year that offer opportunities to learn and share experiences of faith, community and society.

UnityIftaar this year will take place on Saturday 1st April 2023, Insha-ALLAH (God-willing), We encourage everyone to take part and build a community and society that champions goodness, offers support to the weak and vulnerable, and excels in positive values and actions to bring benefit to others.  Simply click on the following link to register your interest in hosting a UnityIftaar in your locality, city or town: https://www.unityiftaar.org/register/.

You can organise a UnityIftaar as an individual, or as a local group or as a Mosque. We are here to help and support your efforts by providing advise, guidance and sharing our many years of experience with you. Furthermore we are looking to make key resource available to ensure Insha-ALLAH your local event brings as much benefit as possible.

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