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We do not ask of anyone to accept Islam as their way of life, we simply offer people the true Islamic Narrative and allow people to learn


Uniting over a meal often removes all barriers of prejudice, ignorance and creates long lasting friendship which in turn does not allow hatred.


We invite you all to locate a centre or Mosque near to you and join us to show that we all stand united against all forms of hate and immorality.

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Welcome to Unityiftaar

UKIM has been instrumental in opening the doors to people of all beliefs and of none to remove misconceptions & build bridges for over 6 decades. It gives us therefore great pleasure to announce that this year we are conducting the Unity Iftaar on Saturday 1st April 2023. We want every Masjid, group and individual to partake in this community event and help to share the beauty of Islam through a simple spiritual and social family event. Simply click and register so that we can support your effort.

About us

Unity Iftaar (evening meal during the blessed month of Ramadan to mark the end of the Fasting Day) has been running successfully throughout our branches and centres for a number of years. The concept is simple yet very effective and allows people from all walks of life and backgrounds to engage with their Muslim neighbours to break down barriers and foster strong relations.

Let us come together and share the Goodness.

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